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"There's a new blog out that references the work of Drs. Bauman and Dr. Beachy regarding contextual interviewing. This quick and informative read is powerful and contains Drs. Bauman and Beachy's up to date mnemonic (ACCESS-V) for helping to enhance your contextual interviewing!


Drs. Beachy and Bauman team up with colleagues for a newly published article, "The contextual interview: a cross-cutting patient-interviewing approach for social context," in Medical Education Online.


Drs. Beachy and Bauman announce PCBH IV workshop, "A Decade of Lessons Learned: Engineering PCBH via a Primary Care, Single Session & Contextual Lens" for August 6th & 7th of this year. This workshop provides 8 CEUs for clinicians and is limited to 20 virtual seats!


Drs. Bauman and Beachy new book chapter is available in The Implementer's Guide to Primary Care Behavioral Health, Second Edition, Edited by Neftali Serrano, PsyD


Press Release: Beachy Bauman Consulting, PLLC (BBC) turns five this month!


Drs. Beachy & Bauman will be doing an all day (7.25 CEUs available) Contextual Interviewing workshop on July 9th!


Dr. Beachy is an author on a recent publication which demonstrates support for the use of telehealth


Catch Dr. Beachy's 1 Hour Webinar, Social Media: Considerations of a Profession, for CFHA's PCBH SIG


On September 15th: Dr. Beachy & Dr. Bauman will be speaking at the 2021 CHAD CONFERENCE: Functional Contextualism and Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (fACT)

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