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Beachy Bauman Consulting, PLLC consultants are passionate about helping healthcare systems achieve their healthcare goals. Whether it is helping organizations fully integrate behavioral health providers into the healthcare system, working to make healthcare more compassionate and engaging, or providing coaching and leadership training to providers and executives, BBC's mission is to help individuals  & organizations reach their healthcare transformation goals.  

While always searching for new ways of helping healthcare systems meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare landscape, BBC specializes in:

  • the implementation of the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) philosophy of care

  • contextually based behavioral strategies (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [ACT] and focused ACT)

  • leadership development of senior executives, directors and supervisors, physicians, behavioral health providers, and other healthcare personnel



Drs. Beachy and Bauman, both licensed clinical psychologists, believe healthcare is best delivered from integrated teams that strive to provide contextual and compassionate care. Both former collegiate athletes, their competitiveness has been transferred from the basketball court to providing the most comprehensive and effective consulting services possible. Working for years as Behavioral Health Consultants in primary care systems, as well as directors of integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health clinical and training programs, Drs. Beachy and Bauman understand the realities health systems are facing and the growing demand of providing services to complex conditions and evolving settings. Drs. Beachy and Bauman also value the importance of developing people within healthcare organizations and ensuring leaders, providers, and support staff are always connected to their value and their “why.”


For Drs. Beachy and Bauman, their why rests in ensuring healthcare systems are able to reach the communities they serve. Further, they believe the best medicine is made up of evidence-based interventions that prompt compassion and engagement within patients. Drs. Beachy and Bauman also believe leadership is a skill that is developed and taught, rather than an innate quality.


Drs. Beachy and Bauman value their colleagues, healthcare organizations, and family, which is evident throughout their trainings and consultative services. Please see both their CVs below and reach out to Drs. Beachy and Bauman with any questions or comments!  


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