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In June of 2017, Drs. Bridget Beachy and David Bauman, both licensed clinical psychologists, launched BBC as they believe healthcare is best delivered from integrated teams that strive to provide contextual and compassionate care.

Focusing largely on the integration of behavioral health into primary care settings, BBC has provided onsite support, as well as distal trainings, presentations, consults, coaching and technical assistance to dozens of organizations (and individuals) across the globe including international work in New Zealand, Canada and Sweden. On the home front, BBC’s clients span from all corners of the US (and in between) from Alaska to Texas to Massachusetts to Puerto Rico. BBC has worked with FQHCs, private medical organizations, community mental health centers, Rural Health Centers, family medicine residencies, individual directors and BHCs, academic institutions and other local, state and national agencies.

BBC might be best known for their free training videos and their “PCBH Corner Series” on YouTube, which has helped push integrated care forward. Since the inception of these videos, BBC has partnered with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA) and reaches thousands of individuals through their video production. In 2021, BBC added “PCBH Snippet” videos for short tips and tricks for healthcare professionals and organizations. Additionally, BBC created several onboarding and training playlists on YouTube. Dr. Bauman’s video on a #DayintheLife of a BHC is their fastest growing video to date. In total, BBC’s YouTube videos have been viewed over 125,000 times.

In 2020, BBC launched their official website ( and began a blog series called, “Stories of PCBH”, which is also promoted through CFHA’s Newsletter.

In May of 2020, BBC created and launched a series of recorded webinars (PCBH Week I) where professionals can learn the basics of PCBH while earning up to 8 CEUs. Hundreds of individuals have viewed and benefited from these trainings, which has inspired the second installment of PCBH Week, which will be released in August 2022.  PCBH Week II will feature two, 4-hour trainings on Contextual Interviewing and contextual/compassionate healthcare leadership (see this link to get signed up).

Dr. Beachy can also be heard during CFHA’s monthly podcast, where she contributes and discusses all things related to integrated care.

Even with the growth of BBC over the past five years, Drs. Beachy and Bauman stay active in clinical work and practice as BHCs within a FQHC in the state of Washington that fully implements the PCBH model. Both retain leadership roles (directors) in this organization, as well as faculty roles in the predoctoral internship and postdoctoral psychology programs and in a family medicine residency (Community Health of Central Washington).

Both BBC members engage in scholarly work including contributing to peer reviewed articles and book chapters.

BBC is incredibly grateful for the growth over the past five years. From Dr. Bauman, “working with healthcare organizations, both large and small, has been humbling to say the least. There is so much gratitude for the organizations and individuals that continue to do the work of PCBH, as well as provide contextual and compassionate care.” According to Dr. Beachy, BBC is looking forward to the next five years, “We LOVE this work. Other than direct patient care, the greatest honor we can think of is to partner with organizations and individuals alike across the globe to spread the message of ‘contextual and compassionate’ healthcare.”

BBC has been influenced by many individuals, organizations and mentors throughout the years. They would like to give special thanks to Drs. Patti Robinson and Kirk Strosahl who introduced, mentored, and involved them in consulting work through Mountainview Consulting Group and encouraged them to start their own PLLC. Drs. Beachy and Bauman also would like to specifically thank Dr. Jeff Reiter for his continued mentorship, guidance, and advice that has permeated the work done by BBC. 

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