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Satisfaction Surveys

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Each year, we complete a satisfaction survey with our PCPs to assess how they feel BHCs are helping them and their patients, as well as any barriers that they see to accessing the BHCs... To be honest, I have become nervous completing these surveys, as we have been approaching a ceiling effect, in that our scores have been close to maxing out the past few years... well, we were again able to set records in the majority of the questions... while we are still combing through the data, I wanted to pass along some of the comments from the PCPs... again, never doubt your value that you are bringing to your teams and the impact you are having on a system and community...

  • I have come to believe this brings more value to the care I can offer patients than any other service in our clinic.

  • I have seen a good response to telemed BHC option. Thank you!

  • In the future, I will never practice without a BHC partner on the team.

  • The whole BHC team is amazing in their passion to help pts and really live our mission. Thank you for all that you do. Please continue to look for a bilingual BHC, my patients could really benefit.

  • I love this as a service at our agency. Much needed and well respected by both the patients and the staff.

  • Much appreciated!

  • I have been so impressed with the program and appreciate the work they do at YPA every day! I would love to have even more BHCs available to consult on our patients, particularly on Friday afternoons.

  • I find BHC services helpful and integral to patient care. Patients seem to respond well to BHC, and I have not had issues approaching patients and getting them agree to see BHC.

  • Appreciate primary care integration of BHC in our clinics, provides a valuable service for our complex patients

  • Some of interns seem to take too long for their visits. They should ramp up to the time expectations more rapidly. Some of our BHC's bond too will with the family, not referring out when short term interventions are not effective.

  • Over 90% of the time, I felt like BHC is beneficial to my patients. One instance related to grief, the BHC did not pick up on it, allowed the patient to sidetrack to a different topic, and it was unaddressed after the patient had expressed to me she would like to talk to someone about it. I encouraged the patient to continue looking for a provider that was open to working with her on her grief. I have seen that from other counselors too. Grief, in my limited experience, seems to be a difficult topic for counselors to address. I wish we offered a grief group similar to our pain group. People in grief benefit from knowing they are not alone, and that someone else understands it.

  • Great resource.

  • BHC services are an indispensable service provided at CHCW and sets our FQHC apart from others!

  • Very qualified, highly enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, very empathetic consultants - cannot speak highly enough of them

  • They are amazing. We need more

  • I am very grateful for the service they provide. Often, they can get information from the patient that I have been unable to obtain which makes a world of difference in the patient's care. They are the very definition of team players.

  • I enjoy working with BHC and I know that my patients benefit greatly. BHC is an integral part of my practice. I appreciate all of you

  • Keep up the good work

  • Great improvement in depth of services we can provide

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