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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

I have been meaning to send this "win" out since last Friday. As always, let me provide the context.

During our recent Leadership Development Institute, where all of the organization's leadership gather to complete training in leadership tools/techniques, as well as discuss the future of the healthcare center, the leaders were providing input on the upcoming year's strategic plan. During the "Growth Section," multiple goals regarding potential programs were listed. Our CEO was very clear, “these are only potentials, we have to decide/vote what we can actually do.”

Multiple programs were listed and many of them would require additional BH support, at least IMHO; thus, the conversation turned to expanding BH. As the conversation began, our CEO paused, reflected, and said something similar to, “you know, isn’t BH inherit in all of this? Like, do we need to vote on expanding BH? If we open up a new clinic, or expand an existing one, or expand our school based health clinics, or expand our MAT programs, isn’t inherit in everything we do expanding BH?” The entire group of leaders then responded, unequivocally, “YES!!!” Our CEO then said, “so let it be known, if we expand clinical services, inherit in that, similar to expanding medical providers, is to expand BHCs."

After that conversation, in where Bridget and I did not even need to comment, our CMO came up to me and quipped, “you know how you all give out the handoff trophy every month, we should be giving your team the EMPIRE BUILDING trophy.”

These are the stories of PCBH, where health centers are starting to see integration of BHCs into primary care as truly primary. It is no longer a nicety; rather, it is a necessity to provide healthcare. It is no longer a program or initiative, it is just what we do in healthcare. It truly was one of the greatest experiences I have had at CHCW. While subtle, seeing the entire leadership throughout the organization say, "yes, inherit in everything we do, is integrating BH" means it is being uptaken, it is being received, it is being primary...

My gratitude to you all that are doing this work. While there are many days where it doesn't feel like wins, while being on the cutting edge usually leaves us with many cuts, it is vital. It is necessary. It is primary.

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